The World’s Corner


Each purchase can help an entire community thrive.

The World’s Corner is a fair trade shop offering handmade products crafted by women artisans from ethnic minority groups. We purchase goods directly from the artisans in small collections for a fair price, then send an additional premium when their entire collection has sold.  This allows us to build a meaningful business and personal relationship with the artisans. All of our products are made with natural materials and handmade by the artisans we work with.

With each product you purchase, you are helping create a positive impact the lives of our artisans and their communities. Plus, you’re also helping our beautiful planet by shopping ethically made, eco-friendly products! 

Meet our Founder

I lived in SE Asia for over two years, working as a communications consultant for international NGOs. This experience allowed me to learn about the traditions, lifestyle and difficulties women from ethnic minority groups face daily.   

The World's Corner was created as a way to give women artisans a platform to share their stories, traditions and showcase their unique craftsmanship.  As a young girl growing up in Venezuela, I was always taught to appreciate all art forms. I still remember vividly my mom's handmade collection of miniature wooden houses from our hometown, Maracaibo. I believe in the magic of a product that is made with dedication.   

As I continue meeting new artisans and learning their stories, I can't help but to be excited about the future. We are sharing with the world their beautiful products but they're sharing with us traditions that should be preserved and shared forever.   


Patricia Chourio